Rosario Marco De Vito

Director of Physiotherapy, Independent Prescriber, Injector


Musculoskeletal and Sports medicine, Functional medicine, Strength and conditioning, Acupuncture, Pharmacological prescribing, Pilates and yoga

Qualifications and professional membership
MSc in Sports Medicine at Queen Mary University, Bsc(Hons) Physiotherapy at King’s College London, Bsc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science at LSBU

The last course you attended and how you put it into practice
I recently became an Independent prescriber by completing a postgraduate course in Pharmacological prescribing for healthcare providers.  I have now obtained prescribing rights through the Health and Care professional council and I am allowed to write prescriptions for all drugs and most controlled medications.  As I started practicing, I feel this has been invaluable especially in the very acute stages of Musculoskeletal conditions, where pain is very limiting to everyday activities.

The most challenging injury you have treated
I have found that the greatest challenges often offer the greatest opportunity for learning and improving, both professionally and personally. I have initially found difficult working with terminally ill patient since symptoms can so quickly change and affect quality of life.

What makes a good physiotherapist
A good physiotherapist is someone who can listen to patients without preconceived ideas and understands and respects the trust patients place in his profession.

The advice you give most to patients
Prioritise your health and your well-being.