Body regeneration is our purpose

Your body and your health is what we care about and we have put together a team of uniquely qualified physiotherapists to look after your wellbeing.   We have blended together the forefront of medical research with the practical aspects of making you get stronger and live better.

You and your physio will team up and work closely together to understand your needs, achieve your goals and create a roadmap to recovery. First, you will go through your advanced physiotherapy assessment, which includes postural analysis, strength and power measurements, reflex reaction tests, and full medical questionnaire. Then, once we understand where your symptoms originate from, we will tailor a wide range of treatment techniques to help you achieve your peak.

Our physios are experts in making your joints work smoothly through manipulations, your muscles stretch and release with deep tissue massage, and your whole body gets stronger through an individualised rehab protocol. Because we know well that your results are as good as the team behind them.

To book please use our online booking and for any queries, please email us on or call 0207 005 0278.