Posture represents the fine interaction between all systems in the human body.

In all daily activities, we receive information to produce movement and adjust our position in space. These stimuli are processed in our brain and developed as signals to which will act by creating the required action.  At Marcophysio, our experts in postural rehabilitation look at the various systems (musculoskeletal, nervous, endocrine, vision and hearing) and investigate how to improve their cooperation.

Postural rehabilitation is a revolutionary holistic method of postural re-education named pioneered by Francoise Mezieres, physiotherapist, who created it in 1947 after careful observations on the body mechanic.

She realised that the muscles acting on the back worked as a single muscle, forming a sort of chain, which she described as a group of muscles joined together working as a unit, where the alteration of an element affects the whole chain function. An increased tension of the muscles can cause dysfunction and pain, leading to unbalance between the muscular chains.

The primary aim of Postural rehabilitation is focused on lengthening and softening the muscular chains, treating the osteo-muscular structures involved in the postural unbalance and impairing the whole body function.

If the structure is unbalanced, the function will be secondarily disturbed. Postural re-education wants to achieve a postural change through the work on the muscular chain balance. An accurate postural examination is required to understand where the cause of the dysfunction is hidden, frequently away from the frank area of pain.

Postural rehabilitation can help with chronic back pain, cervicogenic headache, developmental juvenile scoliosis, and vertebral disc injuries.

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