We are The Body Experts who get to the heart of Yoga

We have created a unique approach to Yoga combining our passion for health and wellbeing and our knowledge of the body.

The aim of our class is to combine Yoga and Physiotherapy creating an environment where people can safely practice and improve their performance.  We are currently running 1-2-1 sessions with Marco, our practice director and 500hr Yoga teacher.

The class is an an opportunity to establish a yoga practice that leaves you feeling replenished and connected whilst ensuring you are in safe hands with a highly qualified Physiotherapist as well as experienced yogi.  It is ideal for beginners who want to start a yoga practice mindful of previous injuries and gradually building confidence to start their own practice.  And for more experienced practitioners who want to understand the subtleties of movement patterns and get some help to get into more advanced positions without getting injured.

To book please use our online booking and for any queries, please email hello@marcohealth.co.uk or call 0207 005 0278.