Edward Colborn

Edward Colborn

Qualifications and professional membership

MSc Physiotherapy, BSc (HONS) in Physical Activity Health and Exercise Science, Level 3 Sports Massage, Level 3 Personal Training.   

Any specific area of interest

Sports Injuries, Shoulder Injuries, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation pre- and post-surgery and Occupational Injuries.  

The last course you attended and how you put it in to practice

The Surrey Knee Symposium – this course provided me with an update on the assessment, treatment and management of a painful knee with a focus on the main current hot topics in both knee surgery and rehabilitation. The course covered a range of issues from Hamstring injuries to ACL rehabilitation, it has allowed me to transfer this directly into my practise and help people I see in clinic.  

The most challenging injury you have treated

Rehabilitating patients with orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injuries in the Philippines, with limited resources. This involved patients who have had road traffic accidents or Strokes.   

What makes a good physiotherapist

A great physiotherapist works with the ‘Whole Person’, rather than looking at the presenting back, leg or shoulder pain in isolation. 

In order to diagnose a problem and work out a solution, a holistic practitioner will be keen to know about any factors in the patient’s life which could be contributing to the problem.

These might include stressors, and medical or mental health issues which require sensitive treatment.

It’s important for a physiotherapist to investigate the problem rather than just treating the symptoms – which are likely to return if not identified and addressed.

The advice you give most to clients

‘Your best posture is your next posture’