Holistic framework to healthy living

Our Osteos care about your health and know well that that it’s all about the bigger picture and the cooperation of all different structures and systems of the body to keep you healthy. Our team of osteos will investigate how mechanical and motor behaviours might be affected by internal structures and how fascia is the linking material to create cohesion amongst all different systems.

It is truly fascinating to get to know how your body behaves! Let’s look at how the spine moves, flexes and extends through a localised array of muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our Osteos don’t just stop at the localised level, but love to investigate the more panoramic picture where you get to consider for example the actions of the diaphragm and the mechanics of breathing, the range of movement at your hips, the infinite neural connections, and the emotional and lifestyle factors that matter so much.

This is exactly how the body, and life works, tiny connections can have resounding effects. But it is all about how you drive and direct them to your destination.

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