In this challenging times when many people are asked to work from home and may not be able to attend appointments in person, we are introducing online Telehealth video appointments.  We can continue helping people getting better, progress their treatment and exercise plan, demonstrate and teach manual therapy technique and implementing important adaptations to their environment and posture.

During your online consultation, you will be guided through a series of questions that will help you to share all of the relevant injury information that your physiotherapist will need.  Once your physiotherapist has assessed your answers, you will be directed to perform some movement tests. You are in complete control and don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable doing. Perform the tests and we will record your findings.

By now your physiotherapist has arrived at your likely diagnosis. This is then clearly explained to you and your individualised treatment plan is developed and discussed with you.  Your Physio will educate you on several ways you can improve your symptoms, teach self-manual therapy techniques, advise on sports and exercises and recommend any bands or rolls you might need.  Your session can be recorded and emailed to you with any extra advise or instructions.

To check availability and book online click here or email or call 0207 005 0278.