We are excited to have Gary Albert Hughes practicing from Marcophysio.  Gary is a renowned Kinesiologist and Voice coach who has integrated his expertise in treating the connection between physical and psycho-emotional wellbeing. This is what Gary has to say about his practice:

“Systematic Kinesiology is a fully holistic and integrative way of communicating with the innate wisdom of your physical and energetic systems to discover the root causes of your physical, emotional and spiritual well being issues. Your body contains all the answers you have about your own health and what it needs to start regaining it’s natural state of balance and homeostasis.

I use a special language called ‘muscle energy testing’ to communicate with your system to discover where your issues are rooted and what they need to clear. Using deep transformative emotional coaching, nutritional/food medicine, supplementation programs, dietary/life style changes, energy and vibrational healing, I address your wellbeing from all angles resulting in feeling empowered, energised, healthier and ultimately happier.

You hold the key to your health and happiness, I simply help you put the key in the lock.”